LARICS presented at ICUAS2017 conference

LARICS Phd student Tomislav Haus attended The 2017 International Conference on Unmanned Aircraft Systems (ICUAS), held in Miami, FL, USA, June 13-16. Tomislav presented the paper titled “A concept of a non-tilting multirotor-UAV based on moving mass control“. The results presented in the paper are part of the research efforts of the MORUS project, within which we aim to build a heavy-lift quadrotor powered by four internal combustion engines.

Intellectual property day for children and youth

We were invited to participate in the Intellectual property day for children and youth, organized by Intellectual Property Office of the Republic of Croatia with the support of European Union Intellectual Property Office and held on May 30 in the Museum of Modern Art in Zagreb.

Within the programme for senior primary school grades titled “I Have an Idea”, school children of the 7th grade from the Trnsko and the Kajzerica primary schools and of the 8th grade from the Jure Kaštelan primary school participated in our workshop titled “Robotics and licences” in which Damjan demonstrated the function of our NAO robots to explain the role of software licenses in robotics. More information about the event can be found here.

LARICS @ TEDx Zagreb

Members of LARICS attended TEDx event at Vatroslav Lisinski hall in Zagreb where they presented a collection of wheeled and legged mobile robot platforms developed within the laboratory at the Faculty booth. The goal of the event was to share ideas and experiences mainly in the STEM area and it featured a large number of distinguished presenters.

Lecture “Design of wearable IMU sensors-data fusion for a user friendly mobility assistive device”

IEEE Croatia Section, Robotic and Automation Department and ZCI-ACROSS organized the lecture “Design of wearable IMU sensors-data fusion for a user-friendly mobility assistive device” which was held by Dr. Omar Nour, Post doctor at LARICS. Dr. Nour presented the research done in measuring the posture of a human body during different phases of sit to stand motion using inertial sensors. The developed methods and algorithms fuse the data of inertial sensors and facilitate the design of the mobility assistance technology.

Marko Filipović PhD Thesis defense

LARICS PhD student Marko Filipović who comes from industry (Croatian company HS product) successfully defended his PhD Thesis at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing on April 11th 2017. Marko’s supervisor was prof. Stjepan Bogdan and the PhD thesis is entitled “Robot Workstation Failure Recovery Strategy based on Treatment Quality and Resource Failure Matrices”. Congratulations Marko!

NAO robots at the President’s office

Our NAO robots were a part of our Faculty stand at the office of the president of the Republic of Croatia, Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović. We were honored to be a part of the “Open-doors day for STEM fields popularization”. While we were taking pictures, one of our robots decided to grab a few STEMI minions and take control over the President’s chair.

EUROC and MORUS presented on DRONEfest

LARICS participated in DRONEfest 2017, presenting recent results in collaborative projects EUROC and MORUS. Presentation included both a live demo of wind turbine inspection, the work completed under EUROC project, as well as a display of MORUS UAV. Matko Orsag gave a talk entitled “Heterogeneous robotic systems for inspection and interaction with the environment”.

EuRoC demonstration performed

Together with our colleagues from LAMOR and UNIDU, LARICS successfully completed a demonstration of our Blade capture system for autonomous wind turbine inspection. This project has been supported by the EU-FP7-ICT project European Robotics Challenges (EuRoC).


LARICS researchers visited production facilities of Croatian company Cromaris, which is a leading company in the aquaculture sector in Croatia and the Adriatic Sea.

HRI Pioneers workshop in Vienna

Frano attended HRI Pioneers workshop, presenting the poster “Robot-assisted Autism Spectrum Disrder Diagnostics using POMDPs”. After the workshop, Frano attended the 2017 ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction.

LARICS featured on Croatian national television

treci_elementLARICS was featured in Treći element, a popular science talk show on March 2nd. In a 45-minute show, hosts of the show were joined by our professors Stjepan Bogdan and Zdenko Kovačić in the studio where they gave insights on some of the most burning questions general population might have about robotics. The show also incorporated the footage from the robotics laboratories at FER (LARICS, LABUST, LAMOR) where researchers demonstrated and elaborated on their work.

FER day at MIOC

fer_miocFER day was held at XV. gymnasium (MIOC) in Zagreb on March 2nd to introduce school’s students to activities and laboratories at FER. LARICS was represented with a booth where we had a Nao robot performing its usual dance routine and wowing the audience, and a Pioneer demonstrating its SLAM abilities to the students. Our colleagues from LABUST represented subCULTron project with an aPad and two aMussels, bringing attention to another aspect of robotics.

MORUS 2nd Workshop and General Assembly at FER

MORUS_WorkshopProject MORUS 2nd Workshop and General Assembly were held at FER from 06.02. to 10.02.2017. All partners participated in preparation and execution of the workshop. The goal of MORUS project 2nd workshop was twofold: first, UAV roll and pitch control loops, implementing a moving mass concept, were tested, together with low-level state machine; and second, integration of the Human Machine Interface with high-level state machine and overall system communication have been done. Upon successful integration of hardware, software and communication components of MORUS system, major functionalities have been tested through the HMI. Gazebo simulator was used as virtual world where UUV and UAV models executed missions by mimicking inputs from real vehicles, while in the same time high level controllers on real vehicles received positions from the simulator.

Karlo Griparic defended the topic of his doctoral dissertation

LARICS PhD student Karlo Griparić mentored by Prof. Stjepan Bogdan, in front of the assessment committee (Prof. Stjepan Bogdan, Prof. Zdenko Kovačić and Prof. Mladen Crneković), successfully defended the topic of his doctoral dissertation entitled “Decentralized multi-agent system for interaction with a honeybee society based on a consensus algorithm”. The committee agreed upon expected contributions and thereafter, the Faculty Council and the Technical Committee of the University of Zagreb approved the given topic proposal.

LARICS at Night of Museums

LARICS was represented in this year’s Night of Museumsnight of museums in Zagreb, larics lab as a part of the program in the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts (HAZU) library. Our dancing Nao robots demonstrated their capabilities to the audience, some of them were even reading texts from HAZU’s digital collection.

The Night of Museums is a cultural event held across Croatia in which entry to museums and cultural institutions is free, and they stay open to the early hours of the morning introduce themselves to new potential patrons.

The first Long Night of Museums took place in Berlin in 1997. The concept has been very well received, and since then the number of participating institutions and exhibitions has risen dramatically, spreading to over 120 other cities throughout Europe, as well as elsewhere, in Argentina and the Philippines.

It started in Zagreb in 2005 as a pilot project with 6 museums. In 2011, there were more than 300,000 visitors. In 2015, 260,000 people turned up to visit over 200 museums and other cultural institutions in 100 cities and towns.


15940758_1830404410547092_3171236138417000760_nFor the first time FIRST LEGO League was held in Croatia, at FER on January 14th 2017. The league runs for 18 years and is held in 80 countries around the world, and thanks to organization of Croatian Robotic Association, Croatia is one of them. During the opening ceremony NAO robot performed one of his distinctive dances and wowed the audience.

Competition consists of multiple parts (core values, scientific project, robot game, mechanical design) and our Prof. Zdenko Kovačić and Barbara Arbanas were the judges of the technical part. This year 11 teams of children aged 9-16 applied and we expect even more in the upcoming years!

subCULTron “feature freeze” workshop at FER

IMG_4105LARICS and LABUST organized H2020 project subCULTron workshop under the title of “stress test workshop” at UNIZG FER on 9 – 13 January 2017 with all project partners representatives.

Overall goal of the workshop was to feature freeze new electronic design for mass production of 100+ aMussel units. Extensive testing on three newly produced aMussels in the pool as well as out of it validated the design and provided us with the data to make minor adjustments before taking the next step.

Winter school on AI and Robotics

IMG_3798Barbara Arbanas attended “Lucia 2016 – 3nd PhD school on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics”, held in Örebro, Sweden on December 12-16, 2016. The school provided a unique training and human experience. Lecture topics covered technologies at the forefront of research in AI and in Robotics, while some of these were applied through hands-on exercises on real robots. It also showed to be the opportunity to discuss the research work with top level scholars as well as other students, and to extend networks. Barbara also presented project subCULTron in an interactive poster session.

Tomislav Haus defended the topic of his doctoral dissertation

In front of the assessment committee (Prof. Matko Orsag, Prof. Stjepan Bogdan, and Prof. Zdravko Terze), LARICS PhD student Tomislav Haus mentored by Prof. Bogdan successfully presented and defended the topic of his doctoral dissertation titled „Control of multirotor unmanned aerial vehicle based on moving mass concept“. The Committee agreed upon expected scientific contributions and thereafter, the Faculty Council and the Technical Committee of the University of Zagreb should still approve the given topic proposal.

Inspection of Armenian Metsamor nuclear power plant

LARICS researcher Edin Koco spent one month in Armenia with Croatian company HRID d.o.o. He was involved in inspection tasks of reactor pressure vessel (VVER-440) in Metsamor nuclear power plant located near capital city Yerevan.  During his visit to Armenia Edin provided software support during the inspection process for any unexpected problems that arose during the inspection.