Tomislav Haus personal page

Tomislav Hathausus was born in Zagreb on 14.5.1988. He finished his primary education in “OŠ Bedekovčina” and secondary in “Gymnasyum A.G. Matoš Zabok”. Afterwards he finished both Bachelor and Master study at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing (FER), University of Zagreb, majoring in Control Engineering and Automation. He is currently a PhD Student at FER under supervision of prof. Stjepan Bogdan. His research interests are in the fields of robotics, multi-agent systems and unmanned aerial vehicles. He is involved in two international research projects: ASSISIbf (EU-FP7) and Human-in-the-loop Control of Multi-agent Aerial Systems Under Intermittent Communication (AFRL).

The list of his publications can be found on Google Scholar.