Visit to Ford resarch center in Aachen

Ante Zglav visited Ford research center in Aachen to collaborate on project ADELE. The projects goal is to provide an automatic tuning and extension method for a model of a diesel Lean NOx trap (LNT) catalyst using test data. During his stay he engaged in knowledge transfer with the researchers learning about the chemistry of an LNT catalyst, the test setups, and the model structure. He also gave a presentation of the work accomplished thus far, and made plans for the future research direction of the project.

ADELE project kick-off meeting in Ford Research Centre in Aachen

Prof. Zdenko Kovacic, Goran Vasiljevic and Edin Koco participated in the kick-off meeting of the new LARICS project ADELE organized in the Ford Research Centre in Aaachen. This was the opportunity to introduce our side better and to discuss with our partners from Ford  first steps to be taken in the project. Being primarily focused on the LNT (Lean NOx Trap) models, the task of the project is to establish methods and algorithms for optimal transfer of the measured data into the existing models using the evolutionary learning methods. Aachen is a very attractive place to be with the famous Aachen cathedral (Dom), built by Charlemagne in the 8th century, being for centuries the coronation church of more than 30 German kings.

Start of new project ADELE funded by Ford Motor Company

LARICS received a grant from Ford Motor Company for a 3-year project Advanced evolutionary learning based methods for optimal characterisation of non-linear aftertreatment technologies (ADELE) whose main focus of research will be on LNT (Lean NOx Trap) models. The task is to establish methods and algorithms for optimal transfer of the measured data into the existing models or identify the need for specific model features that need to be added or enhanced in order to improve the model prediction quality. Funding is provided through the FORD Global University Research Programs (URP). Edin Koco and Goran Vasiljevic form a core of the LARICS research team together with the LARICS PhD student Slaven Glumac. The partner in the project is Ford Research Center Aachen represented by LARICS alumni Dr. Mario Balenovic.