at the University Fair

Together with Laboratory for Underwater Systems and Technologies (LABUST) and Laboratory for Autonomous and Mobile Robotics (LAMOR), we were a part of our Faculty’s display at this years University Fair, which was held in the Student Centre from November 23-25, 2017.

The event was aimed towards high school students which were able to see a small part of our robotics research, including our newly acquired robot Pepper, aPad platform from LABUST and Husky platform from LAMOR, all presented under our brand.

Nao robots at the 11th Croatian Exporters ceremony

LARICS hrvatski izvnznici 2016 zlatni ključLARICS participated in the the annual 11th Croatian Exporters ceremony with two Nao robots opening the program as presenters. Our friends from LAMOR joined us with their Kinova Jaco arm, which revealed the Golden Key awards for the best exporters and handed the envelopes with awardee names. The ceremony took place in the Crystal Ballroom of the Westin hotel in Zagreb.

LARICS at the Night of the Book event in the FER library

LARICS had a unique opportunity to participate in the “Night of the Book” event organized by the FER library dedicated to the 400th anniversary of W. Shakespeare’s birth. LARICS third-year undergraduate students (Brigita Vrbanec, Marko Kovacevic, Zvonimir Kunstek and Dominik Petrovic) played a scene from Karel Capek’s play R.U.R. together with NAO robots. Also, one of NAO robots demonstrated its ability to read Hamlet’s “To be or not to be” projected on the projection screen.

JOBSTEM laboratory visits

We were proud to host nearly three hundred elementary school students in our lab during the last few weeks. These visits were organized as experimental intervention within the JOBSTEM project, aimed towards determining how are STEM careers aspirations formed and how are these aspirations influenced by different factors such as gender, family characteristics and early exposure to the STEM field. During their visit to our laboratory, Barbara, Antun, Damjan and Frano introduced the students to basic concepts in robotics through our aerial, ground and humanoid robots.

Demonstration of NAO robots to scholars from primary school Fran Galovic

Frano Petric has been the demonstrator of small NAO humanoid robots to pupils from the primary school Fran Galovic from Zagreb. The visit of young scholars is a part of the STEM popularisation program Šuza supported by the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing. It was interesting to read the impressions of the kids published on the school web page. This reminds us all to keep the spirit of child’s curiosity and happiness in seeing and learning new things.

European Robotics Week on FER

Since 2014 the European Robotics Week has become a major robotics event in many places all over Europe. The coordinator for Croatia is LARICS postdoctorand dr. Matko Orsag. LARICS, together with other two FER robotics laboratories, LAMOR and LABUST, opened widely laboratory doors to visitors and prepared several demonstrations of various robotics equipment for air, ground, and under water operation.

University of Zagreb Fair

Two LARICS projects were selected to represent the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing on the University of Zagreb fair, which was held in the Student Centre from November 12-14, 2015.

High-school seniors and university students were able to see our quadruped walking robot Dynarobin and play tic-tac-toe with one of our NAO robots. We also showcased some of our research on the ADORE project. We got a lot of media coverage from major Croatian TV stations and were visited by the Rector of our University, professor Boras. Our excellent presentation was acknowledged with an award for best presentation.

European Researchers’ Night in Zagreb

We are happy to have been a part of European Researchers’ Night, a manifestation that takes place every year on last Friday of September across Europe, with more than 30 countries and 300 cities involved. This year we were present with our NAO robots, showcasing our research on the ADORE project. Additionally, our ex-students presented the hexapod robot they developed while working on the graduate thesis and used this opportunity to promote their company and learning platform STEMI.