LARICS paper is published on-line in International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems

Paper “New Variable Passive-compliant Element Design for Quadruped Adaptation to Stiffness-varying Terrain”, written by Edin Koco, Alan Mutka and Prof. Zdenko Kovacic is now published online in the International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems. The paper presents the design of a novel variable passive-compliant (VPC) element utilized as a lower-leg implant of a fully electrically driven quadruped robot. It is designed as a slider-piston mechanism which ensures that the force produced during a foot-ground contact is directly perpendicular to the contact surface of an actuated revolute spring. In this way, by altering the stiffness of quadruped legs in a closed-loop manner, the VPC element enables the quadruped robot to adapt to varying terrain characteristics, ensuring a constant hopping frequency over a wide range of terrain-stiffness variations.

University of Zagreb Fair

Two LARICS projects were selected to represent the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing on the University of Zagreb fair, which was held in the Student Centre from November 12-14, 2015.

High-school seniors and university students were able to see our quadruped walking robot Dynarobin and play tic-tac-toe with one of our NAO robots. We also showcased some of our research on the ADORE project. We got a lot of media coverage from major Croatian TV stations and were visited by the Rector of our University, professor Boras. Our excellent presentation was acknowledged with an award for best presentation.