ASSISIbf Training FER 2015

On 16 December 2015 the ASSISIbf LARICS team organized a training at the local Faculty for their master students. The larics_webpurpose of the training was to present, through selected lectures and a practical session, the overall goals of the ASSISIbf project and the results accomplished in the first half of the project.

Prof. Bogdan gave talk on general concepts of the project. The students could find out what is the FET programmeFOCAS initiative, collective adaptive systems and the methodology applied within the project. Dr. Damjan Miklić and Karlo Griparić presented the software and hardware architecture developed for facilitating ethological experiments on honeybees. The emphasis was put on distributivity and modularity of the system.

In the practical session, the task for the students was to program Combined Actuator Sensor Units (CASUs), which are being developed within the project. LARICS staff prepared the arena with fully functional four CASUs and each CASU was given to a group of 3 students to program. Bristlebots were used to mimic the motion of bees and the task was to develop a CASU controller which detects the tiny robots and reacts to their presence by changing CASU temperature and color.

LARICS Seminar in Tinjan

A traditional LARICS seminar has been held this year in picturesque Istrian town Tinjan. Preparations for the meeting took several days as the schedule of all presentations and organization of the accompanying social program engaged all LARICS human resources strengthened by Prof. Nikola Miskovic from LABUST. In spite of sudden health problems of Dr. Damjan Miklic on the way to Tinjan, he found the strength to supervise the social program so well that the majority of seminar attendees agreed that the quality of social program significantly outperformed the quality of scientific presentations. This is a warning to the LARICS scientific committee to pick next time a less attractive destination.