LARICS featured on Croatian national television

treci_elementLARICS was featured in Treći element, a popular science talk show on March 2nd. In a 45-minute show, hosts of the show were joined by our professors Stjepan Bogdan and Zdenko Kovačić in the studio where they gave insights on some of the most burning questions general population might have about robotics. The show also incorporated the footage from the robotics laboratories at FER (LARICS, LABUST, LAMOR) where researchers demonstrated and elaborated on their work.

MORUS 2nd Workshop and General Assembly at FER

MORUS_WorkshopProject MORUS 2nd Workshop and General Assembly were held at FER from 06.02. to 10.02.2017. All partners participated in preparation and execution of the workshop. The goal of MORUS project 2nd workshop was twofold: first, UAV roll and pitch control loops, implementing a moving mass concept, were tested, together with low-level state machine; and second, integration of the Human Machine Interface with high-level state machine and overall system communication have been done. Upon successful integration of hardware, software and communication components of MORUS system, major functionalities have been tested through the HMI. Gazebo simulator was used as virtual world where UUV and UAV models executed missions by mimicking inputs from real vehicles, while in the same time high level controllers on real vehicles received positions from the simulator.

LARICS entered Stage II of EuRoC Challenge

As a member of BladeHunters team LARICS entereurocLogo_02ed Stage II of EuRoC Challenge 3: Plant Servicing and Inspection. Project ‘Wind generator remote inspection system’ will start in August 2015. The project proposes an autonomous visual inspection system which will enable inspection experts, untrained in piloting micro aerial vehicles (MAVs), to tele‐operate them as an aid to their mission, while focusing on the inspection task at hand. The inspection task we propose to solve is visual inspection of wind turbines while in operation, a highly complex task which calls for new theoretical and practical paradigms. Existing inspection methods are slow and costly, and the wind turbine must be out of service and stopped while inspected, leading to unavailability and causing significant loss of electricity production and income.

Partners on the project are University of Dubrovnik and  DIAGNOSTIQA CONSULTORIA TECNICA S.L.

EU Robotics group meeting

EU robotics group meeting was held in Budapest on 8 and 9 September, with main goal to develop suggestions for the work programme content for Robotics call 3&4. The group discussed and proposed suggestions about how and what should be included in the calls by updating Multi-Annual Roadmap (MAR). LARICS was represented by Ivana Palunko and Matko Orsag.

LARICS UAV experiments in Split 2014

LARICS team (prof. Stjepan Bogdan, Matko Orsag, Tomislav Haus, master students Antun Ivanović and Marko Car) spent few days in a military base in Split to perform experiments within the joint national LARICS-LABUST project “Cooperative control of heterogeneous robotic systems”. Those were the first outdoor experiments for the LARICS UAV team. Arducopter quadrotor was used to track LABUST unmanned surface vehicle (USV) called PlaDyPos. Several experiments in semi-autonomous mode have been conducted and valuable insights gained in quadrotor control under realistic conditions such as wind gusts.

Two Rector Awards go this year to LARICS students

Who can be more proud these days than our Lab? Marko Car and Antun Ivanovic, with their work “Augmented User-Interface for Control of Flying Robot Manipulator”, and Anja Babic and Nikola Jagodin, with their work “The NAO humanoid robot in social interaction: system elements demonstrated on a game of hide and seek” received the Rector Awards for the best students’ works in 2013/2014. To continue our old tradition, we present the list of LARICS Rector Award winners: 2001 – Bruno Birgmajer; 2002 – Ivan Ljubic; 2003 – Goran Genter and Ranko Munk; 2005 – Alan Mutka, 2006 – Andrija Ersek and Ivana Palunko; 2007 – Maja Varga, Matko Orsag and Mario Dogan; 2008 – Davor Mihaljevic, Robert Rantes and Petar Mateljak; Zoran Vrhovski, Ivan Jakus and Natasa Kovjanovic; 2009 – Kristian Hengster Movric; 2011 – Grgo Cupic; Frano Petric and Ivan Rajkovic, 2012 – Josip Cesic, Jurica Goricanec, and Tomislav Haus; 2013 – Edin Koco. 2014 – Marko Car and Antun Ivanovic; Anja Babic and Nikola Jagodin. A good old question, who is next?

LARICS was very active on ICRA 2014

quadThe 2014 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) was held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center, Hong Kong, China, from May 31 to June 5, 2014. Prof. Stjepan Bogdan and Matko Orsag were participating in the Workshop “AERIAL ROBOTS PHYSICALLY INTERACTING WITH THE ENVIRONMENT“ organized by Prof. Anibal Ollero with a presentation “Towards Valve Turning using a Dual Arm Aerial Manipulator”, co-authored by Stjepan Bogdan, Matko Orsag, and Paul Oh and Christoper Korpela, Drexel University, USA.