subCULTron “feature freeze” workshop at FER

IMG_4105LARICS and LABUST organized H2020 project subCULTron workshop under the title of “stress test workshop” at UNIZG FER on 9 – 13 January 2017 with all project partners representatives.

Overall goal of the workshop was to feature freeze new electronic design for mass production of 100+ aMussel units. Extensive testing on three newly produced aMussels in the pool as well as out of it validated the design and provided us with the data to make minor adjustments before taking the next step.

Winter school on AI and Robotics

IMG_3798Barbara Arbanas attended “Lucia 2016 – 3nd PhD school on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics”, held in Örebro, Sweden on December 12-16, 2016. The school provided a unique training and human experience. Lecture topics covered technologies at the forefront of research in AI and in Robotics, while some of these were applied through hands-on exercises on real robots. It also showed to be the opportunity to discuss the research work with top level scholars as well as other students, and to extend networks. Barbara also presented project subCULTron in an interactive poster session.

subCULTron testing the first ten aMussels

IMG_2948The subCULTron team had yet another successful workshop and general assembly in the first week of September 2016. This workshop was dedicated to reliability testing of first batch of ten aMussels. The workshop was held at the Brodarski Institute, Zagreb. The main focus of this workshop was to prepare for upcoming review and to identify possible weaknesses. Various tests such as autonomous docking, diving, interacting with humans via SMS, twitter etc were tested with very encouraging results.

subCULTron project “throw in” workshop in Venice

DSC_0219LARICS members Tamara Petrović, Goran Vasiljević, Stjepan Bogdan and Barbara Arbanas participated in “throw in” workshop of project subCULTron, which was held in Italy. The first part of the workshop, which included the hardware and software integration, took place at the BioRobotics Institute of the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies in Pontedera from the 4th to the 8th of April. Workshop concluded with field tests in the lagoons of Venice on the 11th of April.

During the workshop one aPad and several aMussel robots were assembled and tested. The workshop was a success and our team has already started redesign phase where we will make the hardware better for the upcoming review.

ASSISIbf Training FER 2015

On 16 December 2015 the ASSISIbf LARICS team organized a training at the local Faculty for their master students. The larics_webpurpose of the training was to present, through selected lectures and a practical session, the overall goals of the ASSISIbf project and the results accomplished in the first half of the project.

Prof. Bogdan gave talk on general concepts of the project. The students could find out what is the FET programmeFOCAS initiative, collective adaptive systems and the methodology applied within the project. Dr. Damjan Miklić and Karlo Griparić presented the software and hardware architecture developed for facilitating ethological experiments on honeybees. The emphasis was put on distributivity and modularity of the system.

In the practical session, the task for the students was to program Combined Actuator Sensor Units (CASUs), which are being developed within the project. LARICS staff prepared the arena with fully functional four CASUs and each CASU was given to a group of 3 students to program. Bristlebots were used to mimic the motion of bees and the task was to develop a CASU controller which detects the tiny robots and reacts to their presence by changing CASU temperature and color.

LARICS Seminar in Tinjan

A traditional LARICS seminar has been held this year in picturesque Istrian town Tinjan. Preparations for the meeting took several days as the schedule of all presentations and organization of the accompanying social program engaged all LARICS human resources strengthened by Prof. Nikola Miskovic from LABUST. In spite of sudden health problems of Dr. Damjan Miklic on the way to Tinjan, he found the strength to supervise the social program so well that the majority of seminar attendees agreed that the quality of social program significantly outperformed the quality of scientific presentations. This is a warning to the LARICS scientific committee to pick next time a less attractive destination.

Nao workshop held at IEEE Central European Student and Young Professionals Congress

CEuSYPLogoIEEE Central European Student and Young Professionals Congress was held in Zagreb from May 8 to 10, 2015, and was attended by 80 participants – student members and Young Professionals, as well as speakers, sections’ and Region 8 representatives from twelve IEEE Sections including Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czechoslovakia, Greece, Poland, Russia, Slovenia, Sweden, Turkey, and Ukraine.

Invited by the Croatian IEEE section, Damjan and Frano prepared a workshop entitled Nao robots play tic-tac-toe with several hand-on excercises to introduce young IEEE members to programming of Nao robots, computer vision and artificial intelligence. While Damjan was busy giving statements to Croatian RTL television which aired on their main informative programme, Frano also got a chance to introduce our efforts on the ADORE project to the attendees of the workshop.

IEEE Croatia Section, Robotics and Automation Chapter talks

IEDanLofaroEE Croatia Section, Robotics and Automation Chapter, along with the Centre of Research Excellence for Advanced Cooperative Systems (ACROSS), organized a half-day workshop consisting of three talks. In the first talk entitled Towards cooperative human-robot societies, Frano Petric gave and overview of research performed with NAO robots in LARICS and presented the goals of the ADORE project. Following Frano’s talk, Prof. Daniel Lofaro from LofaroLabs at the George Mason University, USA, gave a talk entitled Team DRC-Hubo: International Collaboration using a Three Phase Design Cycle through which he showed the evolution of the Hubo Humanoid Robot from a research platform to a DARPA Robot Challenge (DRC) ready system. The workshop was closed by the talk given by Maja Varga from EPFL, CH. The talk was entitled Formation algorithm in swarms of fixed wing flying robots and presented a distributed and decentralised control strategy that allows the fixed wing robots to fly in formation, relying only on local information between robots.

ACROSS Workshop on Cooperative Systems

Workshop on Cooperative Systems was organized by ACROSS, with intention to bring international and Croatian researchers and industry professionals who have interest in strategic research domains of robotics, networked embedded systems, renewable energy sources and control methods. Workshop was held in Dubrovnik, September 10-12. Book of abstracts can be seen here.

Professors Kovacic and Bogdan gave a talk covering the research on cooperative robotic systems at UNIZG-FER and LARICS in particular. Several LARICS researchers had their posters shown during the workshop. List of LARICS posters is in the detailed news content.

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LARICS Workshop at the Science Festival

LARICS team of 7 people and 5 NAO robots held a workshop at the Technical Museum as a part of Science Festival. Workshop named „Humanoid robots – partners in work and play“ was organized by Professor Zdenko Kovacic, Damjan Miklic and Frano Petric, with help from Anja Babic, Tamara Petrovic, Kruno Hrvatinic and Mihael Mercvajler. While Anja, Tamara and Kruno demonstrated some of the built-in functionalities of NAO robots, Damjan and Frano assisted two festivalznanosti2013of our NAOs to display their skills in playing the tic-tac-toe game, which attracted a lot of attention from mainly young visitors. Mihael was also very busy successfully demonstrating his interesting work on teaching a NAO robot to read. We had a lot of fun and hope that our visitors enjoyed the workshop too. We will be back next year, see you again at the Science Festival 2014.

Album with photos from the workshop can be seen on the Facebook page of Science Festival.

5th CSR Workshop “Robotic Systems 2012”

CSRWorkshop2012Croatian Society for Robotics (CSR) with support of the Croatian Association of Technological Culture (CROTEC) organized the 5th CSR Workshop “Robotic Systems 2012”. About thirty people gathered in the Great Hall of the CROTEC headquarters in Zagreb to listen to the presentations about contemporary humanoid robots, including more detailed presentations of two humanoid robots, Robotis Bioloid and Aldebaran Robotics NAO H25 ATOM, which were demonstrated at the Workshop. Larics team (Zdenko Kovacic, Damjan Miklic, Tamara Petrovic, Frano Petric, Edin Koco, Anja Babic, Kruno Hrvatinic) worked hard to prepare the practical presentations enjoyed by the workshop participants as the most interesting part of this event.
More information about the Workshop can be found at CSR Workshop 2012.