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AeroStream Summer School 2023 in Prague

  The second edition of AeroSTREAM Summer School was hel from 4th to 6th of July, and here's a glimpse into the action-packed days in Prague! The core focus? Exploring various robotic realms such as motion planning for decision-making agents, aerial swarm dynamics, and the fusion of multi-sensors for precise localization and navigation. But that's not all! We had dedicated time for AeroSTREAM activities, including brainstorming sessions on Aerostream research initiatives and seminars about real-world applications tackled within the AeroSTREAM project.  


Marko Car defended his doctoral thesis

On 12 th  of July LARICS researcher Marko Car successfully defended his doctoral dissertation and received a PhD degree in Electrical Engineering. Marko’s thesis is entitled  "Control system for an unmanned aerial manipulator interacting with the environment based on a generalized model" . Congratulations Marko!


Successful Thesis Presentations for the First IFROS Master’s Cohort and IFROS Day Celebrations

We are delighted to share that on  Monday, June 26 , the students from the inaugural batch of the  IFROS Master’s program (2021-2023)  presented their master’s thesis projects. The members of the evaluation committee were highly impressed by the projects showcased by our talented students. Their presentations truly highlighted their dedication, effort, and outstanding quality of work. We wholeheartedly congratulate all the students on their remarkable achievements and wish them a future filled with boundless opportunities.

WatchPlant and Specularia

LARICS Students Secure University Award for Innovative Research

Students Marko Kozlik and Viktor Horvat from LARICS, under the guidance of Prof. Bogdan and Orsag, have been honored with the University's prestigious rector's award on 29th of June, 2023 for their outstanding individual scientific work. Their project, titled "FERbarium - self-sustainable wireless sensor node controlled by mobile application," has garnered attention for its innovative approach. This project, aimed at developing a wireless sensor node for environmental monitoring in greenhouses and urban environments, is closely linked to the Specularia and WatchPlant initiatives. The groundbreaking work of Kozlik and Horvat not only contributes to scientific advancements but also aligns with real-world applications, emphasizing the importance of their research. Stay tuned for more updates on their inspiring work and its impact on environmental monitoring.


WatchPlant meeting in Wrszawa

  On 28th of June 2023, WatchPlant meeting was held in Warszawa. LARICS members prof. Stjepan Bogdan and Marko Krizmančić presented the achievements from FER. The plan for the next goals was presented.

Tamara Petrović

Marko Križmančić paper at ICAT '23 in Sarajevo and a lecture at UNISA

LARICS PhD student Marko Križmančić participated at the 2023 International Conference on Information, Communication and Automation Technologies (ICAT) in Sarajevo , where   his paper " Decentralized Multi-Robot Formation Control Using Reinforcement Learning . Obradovic, J.; Krizmancic, M.; and Bogdan, S." was presented. In addition to this, Marko gave a talk at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the University of Sarajevo , about UNIZ-FER experience in MBZIRC competitions. The talk was very well received by the University of Sarajevo master students and researchers.

Aerial Core

Aerial Core meeting in Prague

Goran Vasiljevic participated in the 10th Aerial Core Consortium Partner Meeting in Prague, Czech Republic on June 21-22, 2023. At the meeting, the current state of the project was presented and further experiments and final demonstrations of the project were agreed upon.


Antun Ivanović defended his doctoral thesis

On 14 th  of June LARICS researcher Antun Ivanović successfully defended his doctoral dissertation and received a PhD degree in Electrical Engineering. Antun’s thesis is entitled "Model based motion planning for manipulation with heterogeneous robotic systems under constraints" . Congratulations Antun!