Larics Christmas party

"Christmas Robot Party" is a humanitarian event organized by LARICS members. The party is intended for everyone who wants to dive into the world of programming and robotics by participating in fun and interactive workshops. Every year, robots serve cakes and hot drinks to collect donations that will help those in need.



"Christmas Robot Party" is back again this year. It will be held in cooperation with the Maksimir Center for Culture and Information on Tuesday, December 13, 2022, from 12:00 to 20:00 hours in the large hall of the Center, ┼ávarcova 18. This holiday season, the robots will serve free Christmas cakes and hot drinks, but they will also show their humane side since the party will collect funds for the residents of the Korablja Arka association, which aims to discover the gifts of people with intellectual difficulties through fostering mutual relationships.  

Franka, Pepper, Scout, and the rest of the cheerful robot company have prepared many other surprises for you!!! You will be able to fly drones through the Christmas maze, take a photo with the robot Santa Claus, and expand your knowledge of robotics at educational and fun workshops. The hard-working robot arms will pick peppers in the greenhouse and show you how the robots "talk" to the plants.

All this awaits you at the only robot Christmas party in town!

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Workshop "Aerial robotics"

Join the aerial robotics workshop and find out what sensors drones use to move through unknown space without humans and understand the world around them. You will also learn how artificial intelligence and machine learning are used on spacecraft to recognize and track objects. Don't miss driving the aircraft and test your piloting skills with your friends in the Christmas maze.


Workshop "Robotics and plants"

The workshop will present research activities in the projects Specularia, Watchplant, Hektor, and AeroSTREAM, in which robots and other systems for working with plants, such as for carrying out tasks in agriculture, are being developed. Visit our small greenhouse, where the robots Franka and Pioneer are working on picking peppers and strawberries, with the use of artificial intelligence methods and the application of the soft robotic gripper SofIA. In the greenhouse, the SCOUT mobile manipulator is also used, which you will have the opportunity to drive and see how it explores the space around you. You will also see how we can "communicate" with the plant and how plants react to touch.