Our new book chapter was published by...

We are pleased to announce that the book chapter “Trajectory Planning Based on Collocation Methods for Adaptive Motion Control of Multiple Aerial and Ground Autonomous Vehicles” co-authored by S. Vera, F. Petric, G. Heredia, A. Ollero, and Z. Kovačić has just been published in the book Control of Complex Systems, Editor(s): K. G. Vamvoudakis and J. Sarangapani, Elsevier Inc., pp. 575-624, 2016 (available on-line: DOI:10.1016/B978-0-12-805246-4.00001-X).

In this chapter we describe a centralized method of optimal trajectory planning for multiple unmanned vehicles based on the recently concluded research and development processes in the European FP7 project named EC-SAFEMOBIL. The method can be used with aerial or ground vehicles, as well as in mixed scenarios with aerial and ground vehicles.

Author: Anamarija Miličević
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