LARICS visited the Technical faculty...

One of the key components in the interaction of NAO robots and children is a vocal communication. In the protocol for diagnostics of autism adapted for NAO robots, tasks like Call by name require communication in the Croatian language. NAO robots speak French and English fluently, but they do not speak Croatian. This is the reason why Prof. Kovačić, Dr. Damjan Miklić, and Frano Petric gladly accepted an invitation to visit the laboratories of the Technical Faculty in Novi Sad and the company Alfanum, a regional leader in speech communication technologies.

Thanks to the agreement to start the collaboration between two parties, our NAO robots now speak Croatian very well and we are going to teach them to understand some Croatian vocabulary that is most often used by small children. We would like to thank Prof. Vlado Delić and Darko Pekar from Alfanum for their full openness and warm welcome.

Author: Anamarija Miličević
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