ASSISIbf 3rd internal training

The 3rd internal training for the ASSISIbf project has been held last week at the Artificial Life Lab in Graz. The LARICS team introduced our partners from Graz, Lisbon and Lausanne to the new CASU array that we have been developing during the past months.

Currently, the array features 9 CASUs (Combined Actuator-Sensor Units), devices that can produce stimuli relevant for honeybees (heat, vibration, airflow), sense the presence of honeybees (by means of IR sensors) and perform autonomous computation (thanks to BeagleBone Black boards powering each device). The goal of these devices is to exchange information with honeybees, that is, to “talk” to them. The initial closed-loop interaction experiments were quite successful. For more info, visit the project’s blog.

Author: Anamarija Miličević
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