Alan Mutka defended his doctoral...

On March 20, 2015,  LARICS researcher Alan Mutka successfully defended his doctoral dissertation and received a Doctor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering. Alan’s thesis was entitled “Adaptive control of quadruped robot locomotion through variable compliance of revolute spiral feet”. We would like to congratulate our colleague for this great achievment!

The main results of his work include:

(i) a control model of a quadruped robot based on the use of inverse kinematics, state machine and controllable transitions between trajectories associated with versatile cyclic and acyclic motion sequences,

(ii) tripartite cyclic trajectory for feet motion which enables improved execution of dynamically more demanding motions,

(iii) spiral feet of a robot leg with the ability to adapt passive compliance by rotating and adjusting robot motion to the ground stiffness variations,

(iv) experimental validation of the control model of a quadruped robot having the ability of adapting to the variable stiffness of the ground.

Alan has decided to continue his professional career in his own company Cognitus.

Author: Anamarija Miličević
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