Edin Kočo defended his doctoral...

On July 17, 2017 LARICS researcher Edin Kočo successfully defended his doctoral dissertation and received a Doctor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering. Edin’s thesis was entitled “Hybrid compliance control and feet trajectory optimization for a bioinspired quadruped robot”.

The main results of his work include:

(i) design of a variable passive compliance element in a form of a lower leg implant which allows adaptation of robot motion on stiffness-varying terrain,

(ii) a dynamical model of hopping of a quadruped robot with variable passive compliance and legs actuation algorithm based on the measurement of contact force amplitudes,

(iii) a method of active compliance control of electrically powered quadruped robot based on virtual linear springs which increases the robustness of locomotion on unstructured terrain under external disturbances,

(iv) multiobjective evolutionary optimization of quadruped foot trajectories, defined in the Fourier domain, which results in simultaneous increase of energy efficiency and speed of quadruped robot locomotion.

Author: Anamarija Miličević
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