LARICS members on Croatian national...

On November 15, 2018, our members Matko Orsag and Ivana Mikolić took part in the daily tv programme "Dobro jutro, Hrvatska" (Good morning, Croatia, Croatian Radiotelevision) as guests, where they talked about the European Robotics Week 2018 and how it will be manifested here. Matko is the National Coordinator for the Robotics Week and together with Ivana, his assistant for this event and LARICS project coordinator and manager, they talked about the events organized in Croatia.

Matko and Ivana explained what the audience can expect during the Robotics Week, as well as in the days before and following it, as there are eight confirmed events in Croatia: Four in Zagreb, two in Dubrovnik, and one in Križ and Rijeka.

They also talked about the current position of robotics in Croatian science and industry, if students in elementary and high schools have enough contact with it, and what can be done to further unlock the potential of robotics in our country. Finally, they also talked about the brand, which we will be joining at the University of Zagreb Fair (22-24 Nov) and FER Open Day for ERW 2018!


Author: Anamarija Miličević
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