New H2020-ICT project ‘AERIAL-CORE’...

The new project “AERIAL Cognitive Integrated Multi-task Robotic System with Extended Operation Range and Safety (AERIAL-CORE)” commenced on December 1, 2019. It is a four-year project funded under HORIZON 2020-ICT, and coordinated by the University of Sevilla (Prof. Anibal Ollero). FER (LARICS) is partaking as a project partner, together with other European partners.

The main objective of AERIAL-CORE is the development of core technology modules and an integrated aerial cognitive robotic system that will have unprecedented capabilities on the operational range and safety in the interaction with people, or Aerial Co-Workers (ACW), for applications such as the inspection and maintenance of large infrastructures.

The project will integrate aerial robots with different characteristics to meet the requirements of:

  • Long range (several kilometres) and local very accurate (subcentimetre) inspection of the infrastructure capability;
  • Maintenance activities based on aerial manipulation involving force interactions; and
  • Aerial co-working safely and efficiently helping human workers in inspection and maintenance.


Author: Ana Golec
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