Bruno Maric and Marko Krizmancic...

This year, International Conference on Robotics and Automation ICRA 2020 is being held form 31 May to 31 August as a virtual conference with some live events. LARICS' PhD students Bruno Maric and Marko Krizmancic have sent in video presentations of the following scientific papers:

Maric B., Mutka A., Orsag M., (2020),  Collaborative Human-Robot Framework for Delicate Sanding of Complex Shape Surfaces

Krizmancic M., Arbanas B., Petrovic T., Petric F., Bogdan S., (2020), Cooperative Aerial-Ground Multi-Robot System for Automated Construction Tasks

The video presentations and the papers are now available to all registered participants of ICRA 2020.

Author: Ana Golec
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