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On 26th of May 2022, the local newspaper Jutarnji list featured a story about the art installation called “Is this life?”. Croatian artist Hrvoje Hiršl, who had conceived the idea behind the installation and is the project initiator, has been closely collaborating with the University of TU Delft in Netherlands and the LARICS lab from FER at the University of Zagreb. The Universities provided technical and engineering support for implementing the artistic ideas envisioned in the project. LARICS member Marko Krizmančić oversaw the development and control of a spherical robot. Marko applied the expertise from his previous work on spherical robots for which he was awarded a Rector’s award together with Antonella Barišić. The team from LARICS was led by assistant professor Tamara Petrović Ph.D. 

The full article is available here, while the pdf version can be downloaded here (in Croatian). 

*Author of photographs: Goran Mehkek/Cropix


                         <p>Hrvoje Hiršl, umjetnik i voditelj umjetničkog projekta ”Je li ovo život?”</p>          image

Author: Milena Jenić
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