FER professors play at a humanitarian...

FER professors play at...
1, 2, 3 and play professor!

On Thursday, December 22, don't miss the performance of your favorite professors who have prepared a Christmas spectacle! The last evening of the humanitarian advent week at KSET, from 8 p.m. onwards, will be brightened up by concerts by bands that have professors from FER in their composition, who will perform covers of Christmas classics, after which we will be kept on the dance floor by DJ mixes and the Disco section of KSET.


To further spice up the atmosphere, FER vice-deans with their sleeves rolled up will be waiting for you at the bar in KSET, ready to serve drinks with the help of our regular bartenders, so you won't be short of hands!

Plava kada zaborava (PKZ) is a garage-type rock'n'roll band formed in the basement of the D building of FER. Like any basement band, PKZ consists of a hard-to-find drummer, self-taught guitarists and singers, a learned bassist (failed guitarist), a classically trained keyboardist, a few accordionists of varying degrees of musical readiness, tambourine players and at least seven back vocalists. They are all members and alumni of the Laboratory for Robotics and Intelligent Control Systems (LARICS), and their set lists are usually more colorful than the members' musical tastes.

ZKIST Band is a musical project of current and former members of the Institute for Communication and Space Technologies (ZKIST). The band got together for the first time before Christmas in 2020 when, in collaboration with the female vocal group Rezonanc (also former members of the Institute), they recorded their first cover of Brenda Lee's song Rockin' around the Christmas tree. Since then, he has been happy to participate in Christmas concerts and events.

Entrance is free for all visitors, and every donation collected at the entrance and at the bar will go into the total fund that will be donated.

Come to KSET with the team, treat yourself and have fun for the holidays and do a good deed.

NOTE: All voluntary contributions are collected with the aim of brightening the holidays for children and families who need it the most!

The humanitarian action is organized by KSET and FER as part of the Humanitarian Advent Week at KSET (December 19 - 22, 2022), which you can read more about here: https://www.facebook.com/events/5679409148788422

Author: Milena Jenić
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