Project name: Effective Robotic GriNDing of Surface Areas through HORSE framework
Project acronym: ENDORSE
Dates: 01.10.2018 - 30.06.2019
Total budget: 193.462,50 EUR
Funding: EU Horizon 2020 - ICT-I4MS
Grant Agreement Number: 687034


Successful establishment of CROBOHUB, under the HORSE project umbrella, inspired the Innovation Center Nikola Tesla (ICENT) to form this consortium in order to initiate significant contribution to the development of high-tech industry in Croatia through the existing strong research foundation and the development of innovations – the primary mission of CROBOHUB. The industrial process that is in focus of this project is the grinding of composite materials used in the interior of the commercial aviation industry, done by the industrial partner of consortium, Enikon Aerospace, located in Zagreb. Although the grinding process is currently partially robotized, the larger part is handled and processed by human workers. Since the grinding produces a very fine dust, the most important goal of this project is to shorten the time a human worker needs to spend in such hazardous conditions.

Since the main goal is to improve the existing process, ENDORSE plans to use a more agile and human-friendly robotic manipulator in the grinding process to increase the percentage of a surface area that is processed by robots, as the human workers will be able to teach the robot how to grind more complex surfaces. In order to ensure the best grinding quality, the robot will be equipped with a specially designed quality control system based on a highly-precise laser scanner.

To sum up, the ENDORSE project aims to achieve these goals through the following four objectives:

  • Compliant control algorithm – Implementation of control algorithm designed to treat the surfaces by controlling the force applied in all 6 degrees of freedom
  • Human oriented machine interface – Design of interface based on the concept of “programming by demonstration”, where an experienced human operator demonstrates the robot how to treat specific surfaces
  • Safety of human – robot collaborative grinding – Integrate system components with a special attention paid to human operator safety and system efficiency
  • Automated quality inspection system – Design of a reliable method of measuring the smoothness of the surface

Consortium members:

  1. Innovation Center Nikola Tesla (ICENT) – Coordinator (HR)
  2. Enikon Aerospace d.o.o. (EnAe) (HR)
  3. University of Zagreb Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing (UNIZG-FER) (HR)


We presented five new projects at a...

On 15th October, prof. Stjepan Bogdan and Matko Orsag presented five new projects developed in our Lab at a scientific symposium “New research projects at UNIZG-FER”. They have presented recently started projects: AEROTWIN, ENCORE, MBZIRC, SPECULARIA, and ENDORSE. At the symposium, the emphasis was put on possibilities of cooperation with economic operators as well as job opportunities on projects from young professionals and experienced researchers.

Author: Alan Vukić