Inteco Robotics

Inteco Robotics is a company with 20 years of experience in special construction engineering, dealing in solutions for the automatization of hard and dangerous activities. LARICS collaborated with them for four years on projects that focused on robots and their control systems.



Completed projects:

1. Robot R-JET 111

The goal of this project is to develop a robot R-JET 111 for hydrodynamic treatment of algae in the channel of the Thermal Power Plant Plomin. R-JET 111 is a remotely controlled robot which will operate on a 2 km long channel that connects TPP Plomin and the Adriatic sea. The LARICS research team was responsible for the development, implementation, and testing of the control system, communication, and human-machine interface for R-JET 111.

Year: 2013 – 2014

Principal investigator: Prof. Zdenko Kovačić

Publications: Orsag, Matko; Kovačić, Zdenko; Flegarić, Stjepan; Brkić, Kristijan; Balać, Boris; ,RJET–111: Autonomous Mobile Robot for Water Intake Channel Maintenance in Power Plant Cooling Systems, 23rd International Conference Nuclear Energy for New Europe Proceedings, 1013.1-1013.7, 2014


2. Control of a robot for hydrodynamic processing of concrete and metal surfaces

The goal of this project was to develop a control system for the robot which is constructed for hydrodynamic treatment of concrete and metal services. The robot control includes control of two track drives, two axes for tool positioning, plus one additional axis for tool swing. Due to a harsh condition in which the robot operates, a remote control via wireless console was implemented. Advanced solutions for localization and automatic adjustment of robot distance towards the processed surface were implemented. 

Year: 2009 – 2011

Principal investigator: Prof. Zdenko Kovačić

Publications: Orsag, Matko; Kovačić, Zdenko; Flegarić, Stjepan; Brkić, Kristijan; Balać, Boris; Mamić, Ante; Autonomous Mobile Robots For Deep And Shallow Hydrodynamic Treatment Of Concrete And Metal Surfaces, 23rd International Conference Nuclear Energy for New Europe Proceedings1012.1-1012.6, 2014

Kovačić, Z.; Balać, B.; Flegarić, S.; Brkić, K.; Orsag, M. "Light-weight Mobile Robot for Hydrodynamic Treatment of Concrete and Metal Surfaces“, The 1st International Conference on Applied Robotics for the Power Industry CARPI 2010, Montreal, Canada, 2010.