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Milena Jenić

LARICS at WatchPlant General Assembly

LARICS members Stjepan Bogdan and Marko Krizmančić participated at the 4 th WatchPlant General assembly held from 13 th -14 th of July 2022 in Stockholm, Sweden , where all partners presented activities carried out during the last six months. The review meeting of the project WatchPlant was held on the  15 th of July 2022 in Stockholm, Sweden . At the meeting activities from the beginning of the project were presented to the representatives of the European commission . The project received excellent feedback from reviewers and the project officer, thus the team continues with its work.  

Milena Jenić

LARICS member Dario Stuhne at AIM 2022 conference

On 14 th of July LARICS team researcher Dario Stuhne  attended the IEEE/ASME International Conference on Advanced Intelligent Mechatronics ( AIM2022 ) conference that was held from 11 th -15 th of July in hybrid form in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan . The article "Design and Prototyping of Soft Finger AI-enabled Hand (SofIA)" was presented as a part of Specularia project.   

Milena Jenić

2nd review meeting of Aerial Core project

Filip Zoric , Stjepan Bogdan and Goran Vasiljevic participated at 2 nd review meeting of the Aerial Core project that was held in Lausanne, Switzerland and which was held during week 4 th to 8 th July 2022 . The consortium presented the results of AERIAL-CORE's second period , performing demonstrations at EPFL, as well as streaming demonstrations from US, CTU, UT and Donecle .

Milena Jenić

LARICS at innovation Days conference "THINK BIG"

On July 2 nd LARICS researchers Jelena Vuletić , Marijana Peti and Dario Stuhne attended the Innovation Day conference THINK BIG . They demonstrated manipulation of objects of irregular shapes with soft robotic hand  (SOFIA) from project SPECULARIA and a smart biohybrid system for controlling and monitoring plants as a part of WATCH PLANT project .   At the conference 20 international and Croatian faculties and companies from the tech industry had an opportunity to present their innovations and projects to students from all over Croatia. The conference was held at Alpha Centauri campus organized by Infobip   and STEMI as a part of “Škola budućnosti” project .  

Milena Jenić

LARICS lab at ICUAS conference

This year's international ICUAS conference on Unmanned Aircraft systems was held in Dubrovnik from 21 st until 24 th of June 2022. The main theme of the conference had two aspects: aerial robotics and navigation, and control of manned-unmanned systems . In addition to excellent organization and a handful of content, this year's conference was the first time a student UAV competition was held. One of the organizers of the conference was LARICS (Laboratory for robotics and intelligent control systems) lab.     The conference was fully sponsored by the ICUAS Association, a non-profit organization. The platinum sponsor was the Technical Innovation institute. Technical co-sponsors were the IEEE Control Systems Society, IEEE Robotics and Automation Society, and IEEE, Mediterranean Control Association. Sponsors of the UAV competition were Croatia Control Ltd. (CCL)., F4F Fly4Future, Info-kod, special sponsors: Army Research Office, academic sponsors: University of Denver, the University of South-Eastern Norway and University of Zagreb Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing. In total 292 participants took part in the conference, of which 233 were live, including 5 keynote speakers and 16 volunteers, 63 students and 121 full-time researchers, and 59 in virtual form.      The excellent atmosphere at the conference can be seen in our photo gallery.   

Milena Jenić

LARICS members presented articles on ICUAS conference

Three members of the LARICS lab Ana Batinovic, Antun Ivanović, Lovro Marković and Goran Vasiljević  attended the international ICUAS conference on Unmanned Aircraft systems that was held in Dubrovnik from 21 st until 24 th of June 2022. The main theme of the conference had two aspects: aerial robotics and navigation, and control of manned-unmanned systems. Ana Batinovic presented "Path Planning with Potential Field-Based Obstacle Avoidance in a 3D Environment by an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle" .  Antun Ivanović presented "Render-in-the-loop Aerial Robotics Simulator: Case Study on Yield Estimation in Indoor Agriculture" .  Lovro Marković presented "Error State Extended Kalman Filter Multi-Sensor Fusion for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Localization in GPS and Magnetometer Denied Indoor Environments" .  Goran Vasiljevic presented "Validation of Two-Wire Power Line UAV Localization Based on the Magnetic Field Strengt".  

Milena Jenić

Aerial Core workshop at ICUAS conference

As part of the 2022 International Conference on Unmanned Aircraft Systems (ICUAS) , LARICS team organized Aerial Core workshop named  “Aerial Core – boosting the adoption of aerial robotics in real-world applications” . The workshop was attended by more than 20 participants, including representatives from electric power companies from Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia and Hercegovina.

Milena Jenić

Aerial manipulation integration experiments in Spain

Goran Vasiljevic visited Spain from 8 th to 16 th June 2022 where he participated at integration of Main Local-Manipulation Platform (MLMP) , developed within the Aerial Core project . MLMP consists of end-effector for installation of recharging station developed by LARICS, robotic arm developed by CREATE and aerial platform developed by CATEC. After successful indoor experiments at CATEC in Seville, the experiments continued outdoor in Atlas Tactical Center at Beas de Segura.