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The  IEEE RAS ICRA  2024, held from May 13-17 in Yokohama, Japan, has once again established itself as one of the premier events in the field of robotics. Over 6000 scientists and experts from around the world gathered to share their latest research and advancements. Among the notable contributions were three articles coauthored by members of the Laboratory for Robotics and Intelligent Control Systems (LARICS).


"Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Values" workshop

Our Prof. Dr. Sc.  Stjepan Bogdan  will be participating in the workshop "Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Values" on May 22nd at the Institute of Philosophy. He will be presenting a lecture, contributing to the ongoing dialogue about the ethical implications of emerging technologies. This event marks the continuation of collaboration with Dr. sc.  Tomislav Bracanovic  and Dr. sc. Viktor Ivanković from the Institute of Philosophy, who also contribute to the course "Ethics and New Technologies" at  FER . Stay tuned for more updates! 🚀✨


LARICS members at Proljetni BIND

Excited to share that on May 4th, the Proljetni BIND event took place at  FER , organized by Udruga  STEMALICA . Our LARICS members  Marijana Peti  and  Milena Jenić , who are also active members of Udruga STEMalica, along with Juraj Oršulić and Bruno Marić volunteered at the event. #STEM   #Education   #Volunteering   #LARICS   #STEMalica


3D printing workshop

On May 22nd at 18:00 at  FER ,  Dario Stuhne  will be giving a lecture as part of the 3D printing workshop organized by the student association  EESTEC LC Zagreb . Dario will deliver an introductory lecture on 3D printing, followed by a session on 3D modeling. Join us to explore the latest advancements in 3D printing technology and engage in insightful discussions.


TRL Workshop and Lecture

On May 16, 2024, the "Technology Readiness Levels" workshop was held in the Gray Hall at  FER , organized by ICENT for  HAMAG-BICRO - Croatian agency for SMEs, Innovations and Investments . As part of this workshop, prof. dr. sc.  Stjepan Bogdan  delivered a lecture on the application of Technology Readiness Levels (TRL) in the context of drone-based inspection systems.



IEEE RAS ICRA  2024, taking place from May 13-17 in Yokohama, Japan. ICRA stands as one of the largest events in the robotics field, gathering over 6000 scientists and experts from around the globe. Three articles, coauthored by members of LARICS, will be presented.


DroneDays 2024 are coming soon!

The fourth edition of the international conference on drones, DroneDays 2024, is drawing near! This year brings another thrilling journey into the world of unmanned aerial vehicles, taking place on October 8th and 9th, 2024, in the beautiful city of Zagreb! DroneDays 2024 presents a unique opportunity for all experts, researchers, engineers, and enthusiasts to come together and explore the latest innovations, insights, and practices in the field of drones. Expect inspiring presentations, interactive workshops, and dynamic discussions that will guide you through the future of aerial technology. Stay tuned for more details. See you at DroneDays 2024! Stay tuned for updates! For more information, visit .


Dario Stuhne at STEM Games

Dario Stuhne  will be attending  STEM Games , the largest international STEM student competition in the region, set to take place from May 12th to 17th in Umag. Participants will converge to showcase their skills in problem-solving, sports, and esports. STEM Games is divided into three distinct categories: problem-solving exercises, sports, and esports. Within the problem-solving exercises category, participants will engage in challenges across four arenas: science (S), technology (T), engineering (E), and mathematics (M). Dario Stuhne will serve as a mentor in the engineering arena (E). Having contributed to crafting the project tasks, Dario will provide guidance to students throughout the competition, evaluating their work and offering support. Learn more about Dario's role and the engineering arena here: . Visit  for more information.  #STEMGames   #STEMCompetition  🏆🔬