List of industry projects

Indoor monitoring of steel elements production by an UAV Danieli 01.05.2020. 01.05.2021.
Humanoid robot Pepper as a Welcome Manager at the Weekend Media Festival Hrvatski Telekom 01.01.2017. 30.12.2017.
Control system for the reactor pressure vessel inspection manipulator with two ABB industrial robots Hrid d.o.o. 01.01.2017. 30.12.2017
Robot R-JET 111 Inteco d.o.o. 01.01.2013 30.12.2013
Control of the RCP manipulator for ultrasonic inspection of welds of the main pump in the VVER-1200 nuclear power plant Hrid d.o.o. 01.01.2013. 30.12.2013.
Control software for SGIS-D manipulator for pipe inspection of a steam generator Hrid d.o.o. 01.01.2013 30.12.2013
Control of a robot for hydrodynamic processing of concrete and metal surfaces Inteco d.o.o. 01.01.2009 30.12.2011
Control System for Reactor Vessel Inspection Manipulator Hrid d.o.o. 01.01.2008 30.12.2009
Interactive simulator of the Ziegler fire-fighting vehicle control system Ziegler d.o.o. 01.01.2007 30.12.2007
Control system for a 3DOF steam generator tube inspection manipulator Hrid d.o.o. 01.01.2006 30.12.2006
Autonomous mobile sensor platform for closed space surveillance and cleaning MZOS, Sitek s.p.a. Italy 01.01.2005 30.12.2007
Advanced Control of Industrial Plants - Road Tunnel Ucka Ventilation Control System Exor d.o.o. 01.01.2005 30.12.2005
Virtual and Remote Control Lab Sitek s.p.a. Italy 01.01.2005 30.12.2008
Multi A.G.V. System Sitek s.p.a. Italy 01.01.2004 30.12.2007
Servo control of a Meteorological Radar Antenna Suprem d.d. 01.01.2003 30.12.2003
A.G.V. Control System Sitek s.p.a. Italy 01.01.2003 30.12.2003
Expert System for Internet-based Supervision and Control of the Fish-farm Riba d.d Riba d.d. 01.01.2003 30.12.2004
Control of mobile robots for humanitarian demining DOK-ING d.o.o. 01.01.2002 30.12.2002
Implementation of fuzzy logic-based condenser level control in KTE Jertovec HEP-KTE Jertovec 01.01.2001 30.12.2001
Advanced Control of Industrial Plants - Cold Rolling Mill Control (TLM Šibenik) Exor d.o.o. 01.01.2001 30.12.2002
Implementation of Matrix Model Based Dispatching Algorithms on the Laboratory Model of FMS FANUC 01.01.1999 30.12.1999
Advanced Control of Industrial Plants - Paper Machine Control Exor d.o.o. 01.01.1999 30.12.1999
Integrated Process and Robot Control Sitek s.p.a. Italy 01.01.1998 30.12.2007
Fast Self-organizing Fuzzy Control of Nonlinear High-order Systems FANUC 01.01.1996 30.12.1996