HRID d.o.o.

HRID d.o.o. deals in the development, implementation and testing of new technologies, mechanical and other equipment, as well as in personnel training. LARICS has worked with this company for a number of years years, mostly on control system software development and implementation for use in plants and industrial environments.



Completed projects:

1. Control system for the reactor pressure vessel inspection manipulator with two ABB industrial robots

This project deals with the control software of  the reactor pressure vessel inspection manipular equipped with two ABB indurstrial robots. The goal is to develop control system that will create and execute robot trajectories to scan the specified part of the reactor pressure vessel. Control software needs to interface with the different modules present in the system.

Year: 2017 - 2018

2. Improvement of the Control System for Reactor Vessel Inspection Manipulator

The goal of this project is to expand and improve control system for reactor vessel Inspection manipulator. During this project the goal is to implement support for system with two tool sets and enable parallel scanning of opposite sides of the vessel

Year: 2013 - 2014

3. Control software for SGIS-D manipulator for pipe inspection of a steam generator

The goal of this project is to develop a control software for the SGIS-D manipulator that is going to be used for pipe inspection of a steam generator.

Year: 2013

4. Control System for Reactor Vessel Inspection Manipulator

The goal of this project is to develop a system for the control and visualization of a manipulator for weld inspection of nuclear reactor vessels. Based on a client-server TCP/IP software architecture, the control system enables an operator to perform the entire inspection procedure remotely over a network, avoiding exposure to dangerous radiation which is commonly present in nuclear reactor environments. The developed graphical user interface provides all necessary tools needed for planning robot scan trajectories, their verification on a virtual 3D model and execution on a remote robot. The system also provides that the weld inspection process can be observed in parallel on a virtual robot and reactor vessel model and on live video streams captured by two special cameras mounted on the robot.

Year: 2008 - 2009

5. Control system for a 3DOF steam generator tube inspection manipulator

This project is concerned with the development of a machine vision system for the supervision and guidance of a tube inspection manipulator used for eddy-current inspections of steam generators in nuclear and thermal power plants. The developed system supervises robot movements over the tube mesh and verifies that the eddy-current probe is positioned into the desired tube. On the final approach of the manipulator's arm to the tube opening, the vision system automatically guides the manipulator to achieve accurate positioning for probe insertion, thus eliminating the need for operator input and reducing probe wear. The supervisory vision system is introduced into the inspection manipulator motion control loop to increase its reliability and enable full automation of the inspection procedure.

Year: 2006