DOK-ING d.o.o.

The LARICS team worked with DOK-ING in 2002 when they analyzed the company's use of mobile robots for demining purposes. The team assessed the remote control system as experts in the area of control, robotics and automation and offered the company their opinion. Read more on this topic below.


Collaboration projects

Control of mobile robots for humanitarian demining

This project is concerned with the problem of humanitarian demining. One of the successful demining techniques is based on the usage of mobile robots for detecting and clearing anti-personnel landmines (APM). LARICS got a task from DOK-ING d.o.o. to make the expertise of the DOK-ING remote control system for all-terrain vehicles equipped with flailing mechanisms intended for APM neutralization and destruction.

Project results:

We have made an expert assessment of the DOK-ING remote control system that has resulted in our proposals for further improvement of the existing system, as well as in the proposals for a new concept of the remote control system based on advanced control, measurement and communication technologies. We would be glad if we could be a part of the future research and development activities in this extremely interesting and inspiring technical field.

Year: 2002
Principal investigator: Zdenko Kovačić