ICSE Science Factory

Project: Europa Review
Topic: HORIZON-WIDERA-2022-ERA-01-70 – Open Education for Science Education and Lifelong Learning for All
Type of Activity: Horizon CSA (Coordination and Support Activities)
Duration: 38 months (January 2023 – February 2026)
Project Number: 101093387


Welcome to the ICSE Science Factory project, a groundbreaking initiative funded by the European Union. Our mission is to address the pressing need for more scientists and scientifically literate citizens within the EU. We achieve this through a unique blend of strategies, each offering a different perspective on the issue, thereby maximizing our impact.

To implement this project, our dedicated consortium of 15 high-capacity cross-sectoral expert teams from five European countries have come together, including higher education institutions, science education researchers, enterprises, non-formal education providers, all supported by schools, enterprises, and community institutions.

The project’s innovative approach aims to increase the number of scientists and the level of scientific knowledge within communities. This is achieved by strengthening the partnerships through local conventions, where research findings are shared and applied, and local public fairs to integrate communities into the scientific learning process.

At the heart of our project is the goal to enhance science education for all citizens. Our open schooling activities, for example, are a key part of our educational concept. With them, we create new partnerships in local communities, such as between teachers, students, scientists, researchers, innovators, and professionals in enterprises. These partnerships immerse learners in real-life problem-solving situations within education, the workplace, and other learning environments, contributing to a lifelong learning continuum and sparking interest in science studies and careers, particularly among women.