Point cloud for industrial plant digitalization - OTIP

Project Name: Point cloud for industrial plant digitalization
Project Acronym: OTIP
Dates: 01.03.2024. – 01.03.2025.
Total budget: 65.694,76 EUR

Funding: NPOO.C3.2.R3-I1.01.0274.

Project partners: Inovacijski Centar Nikola Tesla (ICENT)


The goal of the project is to develop a 3D mapping device based on solid state LIDARs and SLAM (Simutaneous Localization and Mapping).

Digital documentation of industrial facilities is useful to engineers who maintain and improve the facility as it reduces the maintenance effort, as well as the effort required for expanding and improving the existing facilities. The process of digitally documenting a facility is a time-and-labor-intensive process which involves taking physical measurements in the facility. To speed up the process it is possible to use 3D point clouds to see the placement and measure the dimensions of different elements without physically visiting them in the plant.

Through this project, a prototype for such a device will be assembled, and the software components required for producing 3D point clouds of industrial facilities which can be used for digitalization will be developed.