LARICS is currently involved in various scientific research projects funded by EC Horizon 2020, NATO Science for Peace program, Croatian Science Foundation (HRZZ) and the Mohamed Bin Zayed International Robotics Challenge (MBZIRC).

Throughout the past 20 years, LARICS has successfully completed and delivered over 35 projects.

List of all scientific research projects

Autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Inspection and Maintenance of Overhead Power Lines - UpLine NPOO 01.02.2024. 31.01.2026.
Magnetic Field Based UAV Navigation for Visual Inspection of Power Lines NPOO 01.03.2024. 01.03.2025.
System for Omnidirectional Movement on the Outside of the Pipe in Closed and Hard-to-reach Environments NPOO 01.03.2024. 01.03.2025.
Point cloud for industrial plant digitalization - OTIP NPOO 01.03.2024. 01.03.2025.
Development of a system of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) controlled in virtual environments (VIRTUALUAV) ESI - ERDF 15.08.2020.


Smart Biohybrid Phyto-Organisms for Environmental In Situ Monitoring (WATCHPLANT) EU H2020 - RIA 01.01.2021.


Advancing Social Inclusion through Technology and Empowerment (a-STEP) COST Action 14.10.2020.


Development of environmentally friendly vehicle for cleaning public surfaces with autonomous control systems based on artificial intelligence (EKOKOMVOZ) ESI ERDF 17.08.2020.


Autonomous UAV inspection of wind turbine blades - AeroWind EU H2020 - ESMERA 01.05.2020.


Heterogeneous autonomous robotic system in viticulture and agriculture (HEKTOR) ESI ERDF 13.03.2020.


Autonomous System for Assessment and Prediction of Infrastructure Integrity (ASAP) ESI ERDF 20.12.2019.


AERIAL COgnitive integrated multi-task Robotic system with Extended operation range and safety (AERIAL-CORE) EU H2020 ICT 01.12.2019.


ENergy aware BIM Cloud Platform in a COst-effective Building REnovation Context - ENCORE EU H2020  01.01.2019.


European Robotics Challenges

EU FP7 01.01.2014 30.06.2018
Automatic Map Calibration for Markerless Localization - AMaCal BICRO-PoC 01.07.2016 30.06.2017
Twinning coordination action for spreading excellence in Aerial Robotics - AeRoTwin EU H2020 CSA 01.09.2018 28.02.2022
Effective Robotic GriNDing of Surface Areas through HORSE framework - ENDORSE EU H2020 - ICT-I4MS 01.10.2018 30.06.2019
Mohamed Bin Zayed International Robotics Challenge - MBZIRC Khalifa University 01.07.2018 31.03.2020
Structured Ecological CULtivation with Autonomous Robots In Agriculture - Specularia Croatian Science Foundation (HRZZ) 01.06.2018 31.05.2023
Proof of Concept of Electronic Differential for Electric Car with Independent Drives BICRO-PoC 15.07.2016 14.07.2017
Advanced evolutionary learning based methods for optimal characterisation of non-linear aftertreatment technologies - ADELE FORD Global University Research Programs (URP) 01.02.2016 31.01.2019
Wind generator remote inspection system - EOLO EU FP7 01.07.2015 31.10.2016
Unmanned system for maritime security and environmental monitoring - MORUS NATO SfP 01.04.2015 28.02.2019
Submarine CULTures perform long-term robotic exploration of unconventional environmental niches (subCULTron) EU H2020 01.04.2015 01.04.2019
Autism Diagnostic Observation with Robot Evaluator (ADORE) HRZZ 01.09.2014 31.08.2018
Human-in-the-loop Control of Multi-agent Aerial Systems Under Intermittent Communication AFOSR 27.03.2013 30.03.2015
Animal‌ and‌ robot‌ Societies‌ ‌Self-organise‌ and‌ Integrate‌ by‌ Social‌ Interaction‌ - bees‌ and‌ fish (ASSISIbf) EU FP7 01.02.2013 31.01.2018
Coordination Control of Multi-Agent Systems Joint grant - PR China and Republic of Croatia 01.01.2013 30.12.2015
Estimation and Control for Safe Wireless High Mobility Cooperative Industrial Systems (EC-SAFEMOBIL) EU FP7 15.07.2011 14.01.2016
Centre of Research Excellence for Advanced Cooperative Systems (ACROSS) EU FP7 01.10.2011 31.03.2015
Electronic differential for small electrical vehicle HRZZ, Exor d.o.o. 01.09.2010 01.09.2012
Networked autonomous system coordination, control and application Joint grant - PR China and Republic of Croatia 01.01.2009 30.12.2011
Exploration robot for fire fighting units HRZZ, Hrid d.o.o. 01.01.2008 30.12.2010
Task Planning & Scheduling in Robotic and Autonomous Systems MZOS 01.01.2007 30.12.2009
Integrated Control of Robotic Systems in Complex Environments MZOS 01.01.2007 30.12.2009
Autonomous mobile sensor platform for closed space surveillance and cleaning MZOS, Sitek s.p.a. Italy 01.01.2005 30.12.2007
Integrated Control of Robotized Plants MZOS 01.01.2002 30.12.2006
Information Technology-based System for Guidance of Autonomous Intelligent Robot MZOS 01.01.2002 30.12.2003
Information Technology-based System for Supervised Fish-farming via Internet MZOS 01.01.2001 30.12.2002
Design of FMS by Using Virtual Models and Internet MZOS 01.01.2000 30.12.2001
Integrated Control of Robotized Plants MZOS 01.01.1999 30.12.2002