Students at ARIAC competition

In summer semester of the academic year 2021/2022 students Marija Piliškić, Denis Đurašinović, Filip Pušnik, Josip Ante Kozulić and Filip Karaj participated in the ARIAC competition organized by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).  The focus of the competition is testing the agility of industrial robot systems, with the goal of enabling industrial robots to be more productive and more autonomous. In Gazebo simulator the infrastructure for the production of ventilators was constructed, and two robot arms UR10 which autonomously did given tasks of kitting and assembly. After solving kinematics and elementary moving of robots, the team implemented a system which solves agility challenges like flipped part, faulty product, high-priority orders, human obstacles, and what to do if sensors are faulty.

Various teams from Chinese Academy of Sciences, universities from USA, laboratories from Sri Lanka and South America participated in the competition, and our students successfully passed the first part of the competition and qualified for the finals. In the final, they won a high 6th place.

Author: Milena Jenić
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