AeroStream Summer School 2023 in Prague


The second edition of AeroSTREAM Summer School was hel from 4th to 6th of July, and here's a glimpse into the action-packed days in Prague!

The core focus? Exploring various robotic realms such as motion planning for decision-making agents, aerial swarm dynamics, and the fusion of multi-sensors for precise localization and navigation.

But that's not all! We had dedicated time for AeroSTREAM activities, including brainstorming sessions on Aerostream research initiatives and seminars about real-world applications tackled within the AeroSTREAM project.


Students took center stage with two blocks of short presentations, offering a platform for everyone to showcase their work and receive valuable feedback.

We also opened the doors to our labs, where MRS students guided participants through our cutting-edge office and laboratory facilities, equipped with drones, posters highlighting our achievements, and an in-depth look at our drone capabilities and applications.

Following the lectures, hands-on computer practicals provided attendees with a chance to translate their newfound knowledge into real robotic systems. CTU and F4F experts were on standby to offer guidance and consultation.

Just like last year, we embraced a hybrid approach, allowing project members to join virtually. This meant active participation, not just passive listening, through channels like Slack. Online students engaged in lively discussions, directly posed questions during lectures, and even presented their own work to on-site participants. This blended approach fueled collaboration and knowledge exchange beyond the event!



Author: AeroSTREAM
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