ICSE Factory Project Sparks...

As part of the ICSE Factory project, elementary schools are implementing an innovative approach that integrates technology with botanical studies. Students in grades 5 to 8 at Vladimir Deščak Elementary School and Ksaver Šandor Gjalski Elementary School, under the guidance of Professor Dr. Matko OrsagMilena Jenić mag.ing.agr., and master's student Viktor Horvat, are currently participating in workshops focused on plant cultivation and environmental monitoring.

Using sensors, students methodically track key parameters affecting plant growth, including light intensity, temperature, humidity, pH levels, and watering patterns. During the workshops, they are assembling sensors and gaining practical knowledge on how these factors affect the plant life cycle. Additionally, they are learning to efficiently allocate resources, with a focus on water and fertilizer usage.

The culmination of their work will be showcased at the upcoming final workshop and school day event. Through informative presentations, students will share their findings, providing insights into the intersection of technology and plant biology. From data analysis to practical applications, they will demonstrate their understanding of sustainable ecosystems and the role of technology in environmental stewardship.

Author: LARICS
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