MORUS 2nd Workshop and General...

Project MORUS 2nd Workshop and General Assembly were held at FER from February 2nd to 10th 2017. All partners in the project participated in the preparation and execution of this workshop. The goal of the MORUS project 2nd workshop was twofold: first, UAV roll and pitch control loops, implementing a moving mass concept, were tested, together with the low-level state machine. Second, the integration of the Human Machine Interface with a high-level state machine and overall system communication have been done.

Upon successful integration of hardware, software and communication components of the MORUS system, major functionalities have been tested through the HMI. Gazebo simulator was used as a virtual world where UUV and UAV models executed missions by mimicking inputs from real vehicles, while at the same time high-level controllers on real vehicles received positions from the simulator.

Author: Anamarija Miličević
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