New H2020 project in LARICS

LARICS is a partner in a new Horizon 2020 project - ENCORE. The main objective of the project  (ENergy aware Building Information Modelling (BIM) Cloud Platform in a COst-effective Building REnovation Context) is to increase the share of renovated stock in Europe and worldwide by providing effective and affordable BIM tools that cover the whole renovation life-cycle (from data collection to project execution, and commissioning/delivery). ENCORE will provide continuous monitoring of the energy consumption to ensure the non-degradation of the renovation works.

The ENCORE project presents a strong consortium of 10 partners from 7 European countries: 

  • RTD Talos (CYP)- Coordinator 
  • ATB Institut für angewandte Systemtechnik Bremen GmbH (GER)
  • Universitá Politecnica delle Marche (ITA)
  • University of La Laguna (ESP)
  • BIM Equity (DEN)
  • Laurentia Technologies (ESP)
  • Spa (POR)
  • ETH (SUI)
  • Consejería de Sanidad y Políticas Sociales – Junta de Extre-madura (ESP)
  • Istituto di Scienza e Tecnologie dell'Informazione - National Research Council (ITA)

Total project's budget is more than 5 and a half million euro. The project starts October 1st, 2018. 


Author: Alan Vukić
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