Representing robotics at B:IT.con

Our members Matko and Frano, as well as Alumnus Tomislav Haus, will be representing robotics branch of technology and automation at the upcoming B:IT.con event, which will be held in Bjelovar, Croatia, on 15 December 2018. Matko and Frano are holding a presentation titled "Robots in service of mankind" and Tomislav will focus on the topic of "Autonomous mobile robots of the 4.0 industry".

Matko and Frano will talk about their vision and experiences in how robots and robotics systems can help humans and improve their quality of life. The main points here will be the projects SPECULARIA and ADORE, the former of which describes a heterogenous robotic system working in agriculture, while the latter shows the research, challenges and results of NAO robots working with children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.

On the other hand, Tomislav's presentation has a more industrial topic, as he will take a look at his company's, Gideon Brothers, findings and advancements in the field of autonomous technologies for mobile robots and machines in industrial and logistical environments.

You can read more about the lectures and conference at the official conference website (in Croatian).

Author: Anamarija Miličević
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